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Skipjack Tuna

Product details:
Product Name: Frozen Skipjack Tuna
Scientific Name: Katsuwonus pelamis
Vietnamese Name: Cá Ngừ Sọc Dưa/ Cá ngừ vằn
Origin of source: Vietnam
Product Brand: Nghi Son Foods Group
Size: 800-1000-1200-1800-2000-3000 gram/ pcs
Packaging: IQF, Net 90% Weight, Bulk, 10kg/ carton
Delivery: Worldwide delivery
Delivery Terms: FOB, CNF, CIF
Certifications: HK 695, DL-688, DL-947, BRC, MSC, Dolphin Safe, FOS
Export Standards:

  • Complies with HACCP, FDA and ISO standards
  • Meets the requirements of importing countries
Product Features: 

  • Sustainably sourced
  • Traceable supply chain
  • Frozen at peak freshness