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Description & Characteristics
Baby Octopus” is the marketing name for several species of small octopuses that are actually fully grown adults. Just like larger octopus species, they have eight arms or tentacles covered with suction cups. Octopuses are the most intelligent invertebrates exhibiting many cognitive behaviors dealing with building structures, hunting, and navigation. Baby Octopuses are distributed throughout Asia.

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Eating Qualities
Raw octopus should smell like a fresh ocean breeze and will vary in color with the head and topside of the legs being gray to brown and the underside of the legs and mouth area (where the hard beak is) being white to pink-purple. Cooked octopus is sweet in flavor and becomes more firm in texture. If overcooked, the flesh will become rubbery and lose its flavor, however. All parts of the baby octopus can be consumed except for the beak (hard mouth structure). Cook prior to consumption.

Baby octopus cut / Octopus Dollfusi

Product details:

Size (pcs/kg): 40/60, 60/80, 80up

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