Int’l Photo Contest Highlights Fish Market Aerial Shot

Captivating Entry Showcasing Fish Drying in Vietnam

An impressive aerial photograph capturing a woman drying fish in Vietnam has garnered attention as one of the standout early submissions in the renowned Sony World Photography Awards. The photo, entered in the travel category, depicts a captivating scene at the Long Hai fish market in the southern Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, where numerous trays filled with fish are meticulously arranged under the scorching sun.

Overwhelming Size and Spectacle of the Fish Market

Photographer Khanh Phan expressed her astonishment at the vastness of the fish market, where local workers meticulously stack trays of fish to dry. The sheer scale of the operation and the vibrant visual display left Khanh overwhelmed, prompting her to capture the scene in a remarkable photograph.

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Sony World Photography Awards and Early Submissions

Khanh’s photograph is among the first batch of exceptional submissions for the Sony World Photography Awards 2021. This prestigious competition comprises four distinct categories: professionals, open contest, student contest, and a youth contest for individuals aged 12 to 19. The winners of the competition will be announced in April 2021, showcasing the best in contemporary photography.

Diverse Range of Beautiful Early Entries

In addition to Khanh’s striking fish market photograph, the early submissions to the Sony World Photography Awards feature a diverse range of captivating images. These include mesmerizing shots of waves in Australia, majestic mountains in Iceland, and a captivating black and white portrait of a lion, among others. These stunning entries exemplify the creativity and skill of photographers participating in the competition.

Accomplished Photographer with a Track Record of Recognition

Khanh, originally from the northern Thai Binh Province, currently resides in Ho Chi Minh City. She is an accomplished photographer who has received numerous accolades both locally and internationally over the past three years. Her talent has been recognized with 30 awards, underscoring her artistic vision and technical prowess. In 2020, one of her photographs was selected among the top 50 finalists for the AGORA award, an esteemed competition organized by AGORA, a global platform for photography enthusiasts.

In conclusion, Khanh Phan’s mesmerizing photograph capturing the fish drying process in Vietnam has gained recognition as an exceptional entry in the Sony World Photography Awards. As part of the competition, the image stands alongside a collection of stunning submissions from various categories, showcasing the diverse talents and creative perspectives of photographers worldwide.

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