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Namibia revels in MSC certification of hake fishery
A successful endeavor to rebuild Namibia’s hake stocks and eliminate destructive fishing practices has earned the African country’s hake trawl and longline fishery Marine Stewardship...
fish market
World’s biggest fish market in Tokyo hit hard by COVID-19
It’s been two years since Tokyo’s historic Tsukiji fish market closed its doors and made a costly $5 billion move to the city’s outskirts. Now...
Yellowfin Tuna
To Save Indian Ocean Yellowfin Tuna From Overfishing, Managers Must Act Now
Market pressure and an Australian proposal could shift policy at upcoming IOTC meeting According to new data from the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC), overfishing...
Fish consumption could be the answer to malnourishment in Bangladesh
Bangladesh is currently considered among the top 10 fish producing countries in the world. The country has found tremendous success in freshwater aquaculture with an...
Social media users sink teeth into sharks at wet marke
Small sharks for sale at a wet maket in Yuen Long have set off a debate on social media about the endangered marine predators and...
How Singapore start-up’s sustainable seafood grown from stem cells could disrupt global shrimp industry Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/world/how-singapore-start-ups-sustainable-seafood-grown-stem-cells-could-disrupt-global-shrimp
HONG KONG — At a laboratory in Singapore, researchers are working on a technology with the potential to disrupt the massive — and unsustainable —...
carp roundup
Asian carp roundup opens new front in battle
GOLDEN POND, Ky. (AP) — Like a slow-motion, underwater cattle drive, wildlife officials in a half-dozen aluminum boats used pulses of electricity and sound on...
Spot-prawn market
Spot-prawn market ‘in the toilet’ as Asian glut slashes wholesale prices
A glut of spot prawns stockpiled in Asia and export issues around the pandemic mean B.C. fishermen will get a lot less for their fresh...
Pangasius exports
Pangasius exports to US continue to fall
Vietnam’s pangasius exports to the U.S., its second largest market, this year has fallen by 41.5 percent to $187.9 million. The exports to the market...
Pangasius exports
Pangasius exports to England continues to increase
A 7.3% increase in sales of Vietnamese pangasius was recorded in England in the first half of 2020 despite COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Việt...
shrimp and pangasius
Situation of shrimp and pangasius market in May 2020
Pangasius exports in South America, Middle East and Asean reached zero in the first 12 days of May 2020, sharply fell in the US and...
sustainable aquaculture
Coronavirus hits sustainable aquaculture
Tilapia are now mature enough to process in China, but Covid-19 has delayed orders from major importing nations. The damage to China’s aquaculture sector caused by...