Tra Fish Sector Transformed by Industry 4.0 Tech

Importance of Industry 4.0 Technologies

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nguyen Xuan Cuong, has emphasized the crucial role of Industry 4.0 technologies in improving the quality and value of tra fish (pangasius) in Vietnam.

Revolutionizing tra fish sector with industry 4.0 technologies

During a visit to the Mekong Delta province of An Giang on February 17, Cuong commended the application of nanobubble aeration systems and bakture powder catalysts in treating wastewater in tra fish breeding ponds at Nam Viet Joint Stock Company.

These advanced technologies not only contribute to environmental protection but also bring significant benefits to farmers and support the establishment of a complete value chain for businesses.

Impressive Results and Expansion Plans

Nam Viet Joint Stock Company has successfully deployed these technologies across 600 hectares in Binh Phu commune, Chau Phu district. As a result, the company has been able to produce approximately 360 million high-quality fries and 200,000 tonnes of material tra fish.

By implementing these innovations, Nam Viet ensures a steady supply of raw materials for processing, giving the company a competitive advantage over its rivals and enabling higher export yields.

Government Support and Recommendations

Minister Cuong encouraged the company to further expand this project, acknowledging its potential to address issues related to fry production and environmental concerns in the tra fish sector.

He also called upon local authorities to provide necessary support and remove any obstacles hindering the implementation of the project. With comprehensive execution, the tra fish industry can overcome significant challenges and further thrive.

Eel Farming Potential

In addition to highlighting the importance of Industry 4.0 technologies, Minister Cuong provided strategic recommendations for local businesses in the tra fish sector. He advised companies to invest in advanced processing methods to maximize returns and diversify their market presence.

While emphasizing the significance of foreign markets, Cuong also stressed the importance of paying greater attention to the domestic market, which boasts a population of nearly 100 million people and attracts millions of international visitors each year.

Furthermore, the Minister suggested that companies explore the potential of eel farming using mud extracted from tra fish breeding ponds, as this model offers substantial economic gains.

Driving the Tra Fish Sector Forward

By embracing cutting-edge technologies, intensifying processing capabilities, and targeting diverse markets, Vietnam’s tra fish industry can enhance its competitiveness and capture greater value in the global seafood market.

The successful application of Industry 4.0 technologies not only improves the quality and value of tra fish but also contributes to environmental sustainability and the formation of a complete value chain.

With government support and strategic initiatives, Vietnam is well-positioned to revolutionize its tra fish sector and solidify its position as a leading exporter of this valuable seafood product.

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