Local business brings Alaskan fish to Central Texas markets

A Family-Owned Business Bringing Alaska’s Finest Seafood to Texas

Savory Alaska, a family-owned business based in Leander, offers customers in Texas the opportunity to support both their local community and small businesses located 2,600 miles away in Alaska. Established in 2018 by Nathanael and Sarah Ferguson, Savory Alaska aims to provide their friends and family in Texas with an authentic taste of Alaska.

Local business brings Alaskan fish to Central Texas markets

Exceptional Flavor and Quality Sourced from Alaska

Nathanael and Sarah Ferguson’s decision to start Savory Alaska was driven by the consistently positive feedback they received when cooking and serving salmon to others. Despite modestly attributing their cooking skills, Nathanael recognizes that the exceptional flavor of their fish is due to its quality. Savory Alaska maintains a direct connection to some of the world’s finest seafood, allowing customers to experience flavors that are often difficult to find in a typical grocery store.

Distinctive Taste and Ethical Practices

The fish offered by Savory Alaska provides a truly authentic experience, characterized by a taste that resembles the freshness of the ocean. Customers appreciate that the fish lacks the undesirable “fishy” taste that often deters them from enjoying seafood.

One of the key factors contributing to the superior taste is the humane processing and sustainable practices employed by Savory Alaska. Unlike larger fisheries, the Fergusons prioritize the ethical treatment of their fish and work closely with small, independent fishermen. This commitment to sustainability and supporting local businesses creates a positive ripple effect throughout the community.

Gratitude for Loyal Customers

Nathanael and Sarah express deep gratitude for their loyal customers, recognizing that their support enables Savory Alaska to continue their mission of bringing exceptional seafood from Alaska to Texas. The connection established with their customers goes beyond a simple transaction; it is a testament to the shared appreciation for high-quality, sustainable food and the desire to support local businesses. Through their ongoing relationships with customers, Savory Alaska cultivates a sense of community and a shared passion for delicious, responsibly sourced seafood.

In conclusion, Savory Alaska serves as a bridge between families in Texas and the remarkable flavors of Alaska. By providing customers with access to sustainable and ethically sourced seafood, Savory Alaska not only satisfies culinary desires but also supports small, independent fishermen.

Through their family-owned business, Nathanael and Sarah Ferguson strive to create a meaningful connection between communities while offering an unforgettable culinary experience that captures the essence of Alaska’s oceanic bounty.

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