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Seafood Expo North America 2019, The largest annual seafood Expo in North America

Once again, Nghi Son Aquatic Product Company participates in the largest seafood fair in North America with the presence of more than 1000 enterprises from 50 countries around the world.
This is the biggest trade promotion event in North America with the participation of distributors, retailers, catering services, processing, shipbuilding companies, schools …
Some items displayed and introduced at this year’s fair of Nghi Son Company include: Dried anchovy, Dried baby anchovy, Dried tiny shrimp, Tuna saku, Tuna cube, Mahi mahi fillet skin on, Mahi mahi fillet skinless, Barramundi fillet skinless, Barramundi fillet skin on, Dried baby loligo squid, Dried anchovy head on, Dried anchovy headless.

In addition, the Boston 2019 Seafood Fair also organizes many workshops for businesses to share information about product traceability standards and use of remote control devices in aquaculture. sustainable to minimize the impact on the ocean and the environment in general.
After successes in the markets of Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Nghi Son Aquatic Product Company is targeting other markets such as Europe and America.
In order to serve customers globally, Nghi Son is increasingly improving its product criteria such as: Food safety and hygiene, product quality, every exported product is tested and evaluated. Strict quality.