Vietnam – China Agricultural Product Trade Online Conference

An online conference was recently held with the purpose of supporting Vietnamese companies in establishing connections with potential Chinese importers, addressing the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic that have hindered traditional trade promotion activities.

Online conference about agricultural product trade between Vietnam and China

Sessions and Topics Covered

The conference encompassed six sessions dedicated to trading, advertising, and promoting Vietnamese products. Each session focused on specific product categories, including dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried food, beverages, and seafood. By organizing these targeted sessions, the conference aimed to facilitate discussions and business collaborations in these key sectors.

Recommendations for Future Collaboration

Vũ Bá Phú, the General Director of the Trade Promotion Department at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, emphasized the importance of continuing online trade conferences between Vietnam and China. Recognizing the potential opportunities that will arise once the pandemic subsides, he suggested the development of a dedicated B2B e-commerce platform to enhance trade activities and contribute to reducing prices of products offered by companies from both countries.

Positive Feedback from Chinese Trade Commissioner

Hồ Tỏa Cẩm, the Chinese Trade Commissioner in Vietnam, highly praised the online conference and expressed his optimism that online conferences will become a new and integral part of commercial transactions between Vietnam and China. This positive feedback underscores the potential of online platforms in facilitating trade discussions and forging business relationships in the current global landscape.


The online conference provided a platform for Vietnamese companies to connect with Chinese importers amidst the challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. By focusing on various product categories, the conference aimed to promote trade and foster collaborations in key sectors. Moving forward, the recommendation to continue online trade conferences and develop a dedicated B2B e-commerce platform demonstrates the commitment of both countries to seize opportunities and strengthen bilateral trade relationships. With the support and engagement of stakeholders from Vietnam and China, online conferences can become a valuable tool in promoting trade even beyond the pandemic era.

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