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Geographical Distribution
South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, southern Japan and Australia. Most abundant on the west coast of India and Indonesia.

Habitat and Biology
Pelagic on the continental shelf.Generally near the bottom during the day, rising to near the surface at night. Often occurs in large schools, and not uncommonly observed swimming on their sides.Usually found in 15 to 40 m depth,generally over muddy bottoms.Feeds on zooplankton.A large parasitic isopod is often present clinging to the tongue.
Maximum about 55 cm total length; common to 30 cm.
Interest to Fisheries
The total catch reported for this species to FAO for 1999 was 54 280 t. The countries with the largest catches were Indonesia (34 340 t) and Thailand (6 600 t).
Most be sold fresh; a few are frozen.

Black Pomfret

Product details:
  •  Sizes: 350-500; 500-800; 800-up
  •  Packings: IQF Bulk 10kg/ctn, 2pcs/bag, plain bag with rider/tray
  •  Season: All Year Round
  •  Description: Spec: Whole round Black Pomfret, IQF Bulk 10kg/carton – 1-2pc/tray plain bag with rider